All reservations require a 50% nonrefundable deposit. This deposit secures your reservation for that date and time, for the vehicle you selected. By canceling a reservation you will forfeit your deposit as a whole. Deposits are nonrefundable and nontransferable, please be advised.


From the time you provide your credit card payment for the nonrefundable deposit, it is completely nonrefundable, no exceptions. If you cancel within 48 hours of the reservation time, your card may be billed up to 100% of the total charges for the reservation that was held for you.

Credit Card Policy:

All reservations require a major credit card on file. This credit card serves for all charges incurred as a result of services rendered. This card will guarantee the reservation with a nonrefundable deposit. In addition all services rendered, and any additional damages or charges will be billed to this card. All sales are final and not subject to refund.


We provide the utmost in professional and timely service. Please remember gratuity is added to the total amount of the bill. Limo industry standard gratuity or tip is 20%.

Damage Policy:

Customer is to leave all items that belong to the service provider inside the vehicle in original condition. Customer will be held liable for any damages caused to the vehicle by the fault or negligence of customer, their agents, employees or guests.

Lost Items Policy:

Indy Limo Services, is not responsible for items left in the vehicle, nor lost or stolen items at any time during or after charter.

Service Termination:

Chauffeur has the right to terminate service without refund if the driver and/or vehicle are subjected to dangerous or unsafe conditions caused by customer, his or her agents, employees, or guests, or if the driver feels conduct of client or associating parties is unsuitable. At driver’s discretion, passenger(s) may be removed from the vehicle, ending the reservation.


Cleanup Policy:

* No food, snacks or ice cream will be permitted in any vehicle.

** Any and all debris or trash left in ice chests or champagne wells including, empty bottles or cans, bottle caps, napkins and cups will be subject to an additional $95.00 cleanup fee.

*** Confetti, glitter, feather boas, food or other similar items that cause unnecessary cleanup will be charged a $175.00 fee. A minimum fee of $250.00 per incident will be charged to the credit card on file, and the cardholder will be held financially responsible for, as a result of an individual getting sick, excessive spillage, or excessive uncleanliness.

Vehicles are equipped with trash shoots or have trash bags available, just ask your chauffeur.

Passengers attempting a cleanup of a spill caused by getting sick will still be charged clean up fees.

* In situations where customers express the desire for having food or snacks in the vehicle, on long distance trips or as part of their special event or simply because they want to, a minimum nonrefundable fee of $95.00 is added to the total bill. Any cleaning beyond reasonable wipe and vacuum is subject to additional charges to the credit card on file.

** Ice chests and champagne wells are fitted with drains that clog and require dis-assembly for cleaning and disinfection when napkins, empty bottles or any debris is found inside. Trash, especially empty bottles and napkins may contain bodily fluids. Excessive cleanup takes vehicles off line costing revenue. We take safety of our passengers very seriously and want everyone to have a clean, safe and fun experience.

No exceptions will be made to this rule!

*** We understand that certain events, parties and holidays such as New Year’s Eve, Halloween or special events will incorporate those items. Please let us know in advance if you’re planning to bring those items on board. Confetti, feathers and glitter are more than messy; those items may affect electronic or mechanical equipment and even cause a fire.